Mia Birthday Project!


Hello :)

So, me and Jess aka mypatronusisklaine have decided to create a birthday surprise for Mia, something that we think she will enjoy and that should be easy enough for everyone to participate in. 

The project is a video in which we will wish her a happy birthday and send her our messages of love and support! (thank you anon for the suggestion).

So, the idea is anyone who wants to participate can submit a video of themselves wishing Mia a Happy Birthday and showing their love and support for her :) Feel free to get as creative as you want with it, you can speak directly to the camera or show something written by you, whatever you want! All you have to do is film the video on your laptop, camera, phone whatever and send it in.

Rules/How to participate:

  • Make sure the file size on your video will be supported to be sent by email!
  • Edit: We’ve been thinking one minute maybe too long so let’s try to keep each video under forty seconds or such, just try to make it concise so we dont end up with a really long final video :)
  • Please send in the video in one of the following formats: .mov, .mp4, .avi or others supported by imovie. If you need help figuring out what format your file is in or how to convert it, shoot me a message.
  • Please send your submission until August 22nd;
  • Send your video to miabdayproject2014@gmail.com;
  • If you want, mention your first and last name on the email when you send in the video and I’ll add it to your segment of the final video (you can also mention where you’re from if you wish);
  • Make sure to wish her a Happy Birthday in any way since that is the main purpose of the project!
  • Fell free to show fanart, letters, etc and to mention any of her projects or how she has inspired you but please do not show or mention anything related to RPF, Miarren fanart and stuff like that. Mia has never publicly expressed how comfortable or uncomfortable she feels with stuff like that and we feel like this should be focused on more her and her projects anyway.

If you have any questions please feel free to message me or Jess! Also please help spread this around to anyone who may be interested in participating! Thank you and I hope we can make something really special for Mia :)

EDIT PLEASE READ: I mentioned it already but just to be clear; if you’re not comfortable showing your face on camera or speaking in english or anything like that you can just write a message/draw something and show it to the camera! Do whatever you’re comfortable with! <3

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